It is important that children are in school every day possible and that they arrive in school on time. Absence from school and late arrival can have a detrimental affect on their learning. We expect every child to have an attendance rate of at least 95% and if the school feels that a child is not attending regularly we may need to consult with the Bucks County Council Educational Welfare Officer (see note below) who will investigate the matter.

Authorised absence is recorded when the school has received and agreed a satisfactory explanation of absence from the parents.

Unauthorised absence is recorded when a child is absent from school without permission; this is considered to be truancy.

Late Arrival in school

Please make sure your child is in school by 8.50a.m. The doors from the playground are shut once the children have entered and late arrivals will be required to enter the school through the main doors at the entrance and record their arrival time and reason for lateness in the late book register.

If your child arrives in school after the register has been taken, this may be recorded as an unauthorised absence for the morning session.


Our school policy clearly states that children should not take holidays during term time. Absence from school for this reason is always recorded as unauthorised absence, with one day counting as two sessions.

Acceptable reasons for absence which will be authorised are:

  • The school accepts that the child was too ill to attend school
  • Emergency medical appointments
  • A religious event

 If you believe that your child may be entitled to authorised absence on compassionate grounds, the school will require a letter explaining the circumstances and a decision will be made by the Head teacher in consultation with the Governors.


If your child is complaining of mild symptoms at the start of the day, we advise parents to send them in to school. Should symptoms continue or worsen the school will always make contact and arrange for them to go home. We ask that parents do not tell children that they can ask staff to go home; school staff will decide when a child is too ill to remain in school.

If your child is too ill to come to school, we ask that parents contact the school as early as possible on the first day of absence. A message can be left on the answerphone before the start of the working day. A written note should then be brought into school on the day that the child returns, confirming the illness and dates of absence.

Medical Appointments  

We ask that parents arrange routine medical appointments beyond the school day or within school holidays where ever possible. In exceptional circumstances when an appointment needs to be kept within the school day, we will require proof of the appointment by way of a letter or appointment card.

The School’s policy on attendance can be downloaded below.

Bucks County Council Educational Welfare Officer

We are required to report irregular attendance and long absences to Education Welfare in Bucks County Council as described in


The Ofsted Inspection Framework (see link on our Ofsted page) takes into account “pupils’ attendance and punctuality at school and in lessons” in the “Behaviour and safety of pupils at the school” section of their analysis and report. The school has a current attendance level of just over 95% and, at this level, the inspectors will not award ‘outstanding’ and may not award ‘good’ even if the school warrants such an award in all other respects.