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I am delighted to introduce Hannah Ball School to you. As Head Teacher, I warmly welcome you on behalf of the children, staff and governors to our school, serving the community of High Wycombe.

We believe the experiences your child will have during their primary education play an essential role in laying the foundations for future learning and later developing them into a well rounded adult.

It is during these early years of children’s education that characters are formed and we believe that Hannah Ball is wonderfully equipped to achieve this goal.  

We are very proud of our school; the progress, well being and enjoyment of our pupils is fundamental to us. We aim for each child to reach his or her full potential and leave Hannah Ball equipped as life long learners; eager to enjoy life and take responsibility as citizens. 

We are a small, friendly, school, where diversity is celebrated. We welcome the community with open arms and strive to encourage your family's involvement into school life. We believe in having strong partnerships with yourselves and we look forward to working with you for the benefit of your child. 

We hope this website will help you learn more about Hannah Ball School and what we aim to achieve for all the children. I hope it will also offer an insight into the rich life of the school. I look forward to welcoming you.


Important Message

Please note the following changes in starting and finishing times: Reception - 8:40 - 14:45 through the playground; Year 1 - 8:50 - 14:55 through the playground; Year 2 - 9:00 - 15:00 through the playground; Year 3 - 8:50 - 14:55 through the side entrance near the main door; Year 4 - 8:55 - 15:00 through the side entrance near the main door; Year 5 - 9:00 - 15:05 through the main entrance; Year 6 - 9:05 - 15:10 through the main entrance. Siblings can be dropped off together at the earliest drop off time and collected at the latest pick up time.


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