Year 4

Useful Websites

Math Whizz:

Purple Mash:

Top Marks:

‘Hit the button’ can be found here which the children love! Lots of the games including ‘Hit the button’ are also tablet friendly.

Multiplication games:, variety of multiplication and division games

Math Playground: - scroll down for multiplication.

Apps - All the following are free!

Multiplication focus

Mathninja – up to 9 times table. You collect playing cards by answering as many questions correctly as you can. You can look at your progress too. Can buy the full version at £2.99.

Number trolls multiplication – You have to slide the answer to the correct place to save the babies from the trolls. Harder when it is a 2 digit answer.

Multiplication genius – you have 20 seconds to answer each question. Then it moves on to the next question.

Marble multiply – OK when you get the hang of moving the marble.

Multiplication and Division focus

Maths slide: Play against other people or against the computer. Have to be as fast as you can!

Quick strike – Play in different modes. Can set the level/time etc.

“Our school is amazing as it’s fun, imaginative and creative. It’s the best school in the world.”

Zachary aged 8