Useful Websites:

Hungry Little Minds is a government initiative to encourage and inspire parents with different activities they can complete with their children from birth to 5 years old. This website provides some nice activities you can do together to enhance their love of reading and help with their phonics.


Early Movers is a website that provides lots of different physical activities and games you can play with your children to help their gross motor skills, which in turn, will help their fine motor skills to allow them to write their letters confidently.  These activities also link to other areas of the Early Years Curriculum, such as maths.


Mr Thorne does phonics

Will show you how to pronounce the sounds properly and how we teach the sounds to your child. - Math practice, fun games.

Along with this, please continue to read EVERY DAY with your children and remember to sign their reading records. 

“Our school is amazing as it’s fun, imaginative and creative. It’s the best school in the world.”

Zachary aged 8