Year 4 24.09.21

24th Sep 2020

Year 4 have had a great week. We ended last Friday with the class enjoying our 'Romans Day' full of Drama and conducting their own freeze-frames. They were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We hope this will allow year 4 to incorporate what they learnt into their writing in English and History. We have been learning all about 'sound' in science, discussing and identifying how vibrations work, how they are connected to sound and how these sounds travel to the ear. I am also very proud to share some positive feedback from our Music teacher, Mr Sciba. He has praised Year 4 for their singing, saying it was 'exceptionally good this week and that they really stood out.' Well done year 4! Keep this up and keep smiling! Mrs Mir:)

“Our school is amazing as it’s fun, imaginative and creative. It’s the best school in the world.”

Zachary aged 8