Years 5 & 6

Year 5 have had a productive week, having rehearsed and put on a very informative and confidently presented assembly on ‘Road Safety’. Well done! During English lessons they have learnt to use a range of cohesive devices across and within paragraphs and have planned their own mystery narratives. In maths the class completed their unit of work on Statistics and have moved onto Multiplication and Division, having focused on multiples and factors this week. Our Science lesson learning about reversible and irreversible changes to materials was fun, we used glow sticks to investigate this and observed carefully as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are mixed and used to make a balloon self-inflate over the bottle. During Topic lessons we started to
learn about the different gods who were worshipped in Ancient Egypt and the belief in the afterlife. Throughout the week the class have thought of and discussed different ways people are kind to one another as part of our whole school focus on ‘One kind word’. To end a very busy week the children hugely enjoyed dressing up and buying cakes to support ‘Children in Need’, well done!

“Our school is amazing as it’s fun, imaginative and creative. It’s the best school in the world.”

Zachary aged 8